Nokia 8.1 Compared With The vivo V15

The Vivo V15, reviewed by us, is kind of lite mid-budget model of the great smartphone experience. Is it any good? Well, all in all, yes. However, you have to take it from the perspective of a typical smartphone user, and understand that phones are just things that people buy because they feel like buying them.

So, how good is the camera? The camera on the vivo v15 is not much different from the models that cost way more – the iPhone 4S comes with an eight megapixel camera, the Nokia E71 has six, and so does the Samsung Galaxy S4. The resolution difference between the two is quite dramatic. In fact, the vivo v15 has a higher resolution than some of its competitors. So, that alone makes it a good smartphone camera.

The picture quality on the vivo v15 is also vivo v15 very good. I’ve used a few smartphones before that come equipped with OIS, and the on vivo v15 is just as good if not better. I especially liked how the manufacturer has integrated the hardware keys into the display to allow you to easily access your favourite apps. You simply slide your finger over the home button, and you can see your favourite apps right at the centre. I also liked the notch-less amoled display, which lacks the sharp edges seen on many other handsets.

One thing I would like to comment on the vivo v15’s looks is the fact that it pretty much looks like an iPhone (or an HTC Desire) – that is if you like the big iPhone Plus design. It is almost impossible for me to tell the difference when viewing the handset in daylight. Nokia’s handset doesn’t have the same big protruding hardware key at the bottom like the iPhone, but the phone is pretty much a mini version of Apple’s offering. If you’re going to use a smartphone camera in the daylight, this is probably about as good as it gets.

The only real problem with the vivo v15 is that it isn’t as fast as the Oppo f11 or the HTC Desire. The camera set is much slower, and it also takes a while to upload the pictures to your account. However, it does have one of the most impressive megapixels cameras I’ve seen on any smartphone – so you should expect decent quality images even at this point. The speed of the device is good, but the image stabilization and the lack of optical zoom aren’t as impressive as some other rivals. This is quite a disappointment because it means you can’t take as many pictures as you’d like to without having to wait a long time for the pictures to load.

Overall, the vivo v15 is a great camera for taking high quality photographs in natural sunlight. It’s just that other features are a bit less impressive. For example, the front-facing cameras are really quite poor, so you can’t really highlight special occasions like weddings or holidays with them. There’s also no optical zoom on the front-facing cameras, which means you’ll need to pay even more attention to other factors such as facial expression recognition to get clear photos. However, the improvements to the rest of the handset are more than enough to make up for this shortcoming.